12 December 2023

Privacy statement of Messink Watches

Welcome! With this privacy statement, Messink Watches informs you about how your personal data is handled within our organisation. 

Purpose of this privacy statement? 
Organisations that process personal data are required by European privacy law (AVG/GDPR) to inform data subjects clearly and in understandable language how they handle their personal data. 

What can you do if you think a company is violating your privacy? 
•    Submit a complaint to the company (see also: What rights do you have?).
•    (Anonymously) submit a complaint/tip to the national supervisory authority, the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This is easily possible via the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. 

Who are you? (Who is the person involved) 
If you are a customer, supplier, applicant, staff, or a website visitor to https://www.messinkwatches.com, we hope that you will read this privacy statement because it concerns your personal data. For convenience, we use the word "data" when we talk about your personal data. 

What data do we collect? 
If you come into contact with us as a data subject, we will collect information about you. The information is provided by you to us. Not all data is personal data, but we think it is important that you understand which data we can process from you. 

Customer (product sales) 
•    Name, address and contact details 
•    Product and billing information 
•    Payment method 
•    Shipping Information 
•    Order history 
•    Copy ID (from € 3,000 cash). 

Supplier (purchasing service or product) 
•    Name, address and contact details 
•    Copy of ID 
•    Signature 
•    Date 
•    Product Information 
•    Payment method 

Website visitor (visitor and shopping cart/buyer)

•    Name, address and contact details 
•    Product information 
•    Payment information 
•    Order information 
•    Order history 
•    IP Address 
•    Cookies 

To whom do we provide personal data? 
We do not simply provide your personal data to others. We may do so if you have given us permission to do so, if we are required to do so by law or a court decision, or if such provision serves our purposes of processing personal data. 
For the execution of our business operations, we provide your personal data to the following parties: 
•    Bodies that need to be informed based on a legal obligation, such as the Tax and Customs Administration, Occupational Health and Safety Service, Pension Administrator, Financial Intelligence Unit and UWV. These organisations are all responsible for adequate protection of your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Act (AVG); 
•    external parties that process data under our control and responsibility, such as our IT service provider; 
•    the accountant who takes care of the personnel and financial administration for us and makes the statutory declarations (Tax Authorities, UWV, pension administrator etc.) and tax advice. The accountant is responsible under the privacy law (AVG) for appropriate protection of your personal data. We have made additional AVG agreements with the auditor about this; 
•    if necessary, external advisers such as, for example, a lawyer. These organisations are all responsible for adequate protection of your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Act (AVG); 

External parties that process the personal data under our responsibility only do this for purposes and under conditions that we have agreed with them. We record this in written agreements.